I would like to convert a tflite model to depolyment target for arduino nano 33 ble sense

I am trying to convert my tflite model that i trained on colab and saved to a compatible format for use on arduino, below is my code snippet;

model_output_type = ei.model.output_type.Classification(labels=my_classes)
deploy_bytes = None

deploy_bytes = ei.model.deploy(model='/content/model.tflite',

except Exception as e:
print(f"Could not deploy: {e}")

if deploy_bytes:
with open(deploy_filename3, ‘wb’) as f:

However it takes about 6 minutes to complete the block and return an error saying;

Could not deploy: (500) Reason: Internal Server Error HTTP response headers: HTTP response body: No deployment exists, did you build yet?

How can i go about this, thank you

Hi @joelmuhanguzi

Can you please share the project ID and more detail on how you are uploading the model? Thanks!