I can't click on anything all my model disappeared and i can't make new one

Issue: I can’t use Edge Impulse. All my model disappeared and I can’t make anything in the new one. What can I do to make my session work again ?

Context/Use case: i try to see my project model but all bouton bug and i can’t upload or delete any data. In create impulse part, all blocks vanished and I can’t add new one.

Thank you for your help

@nicolas Which of your projects is this? I’ve just checked 119495 and that seems fine (looked like the last project you loaded).

And can you show the browser console as well? Finding Your Browser's Developer Console | Balsamiq

It was a capture from 119495 project but I have the same problem in all others. I can’t see anything. I’m on Microsoft Edge.


I found the problem. It came from the navigator. There is some bug with Microsoft Edge
Thank you for your help

Thanks @nicolas - will go dive into this somewhere this week to see if this is some recent regression.