How to upload.json from a custom datasets as a data acquisition format?

I have a large dataset that contains sensor values that were logged by climate measuring systems. The dataset comes in .json but uploading it as is gives me an error saying: “Failed to upload data.json Missing protected header”.

Looking into this by reading the docs I am left somewhat confused wether the .json needs to be edited (and if so, how) to comply with the data acquisition format or something else is going wrong.

The .JSON file with a single entry looks like this:
[{“barometric pressure”: “1025.100”, “NO2”: “0.110”, “NH3”: “37.657”, “CO”: “5.840”, “light sensor”: “1”, “relative humidity”: “81.91”, “CO2”: “290.000”, “id”: “164C”, “temperature”: “13.88”, “datetime”: “2021-10-08 23:58:57”}]

Help is appreciated!

Hi @Raven, please see:

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