How to Shrink the Apple Watch for Your Finger

When I woke up this morning after a rare good night's sleep, the first impulse I had was to sync my Oura Ring with my phone. I wanted to learn about the conditions that led me to one of life’s most rewarding and healthy pleasures: a deep, restorative sleep. I’ve been using my Oura Ring for over six months and I rarely think about battery life, notifications or missed calls. Instead, I better understand my sleep, workouts, and caloric burns with near 100% sensor accuracy. I wear my Oura Ring on my finger and it occupies such little space that I forget it’s there (unlike my Apple Watch that always felt intrusive on my wrist). I optimized for insights, form factor, and simplicity versus another computer I need to manage. Instead, the Oura Ring takes care of me, runs for six days on a tiny battery, and sports purposeful micronized components that seem too good to be true. It’s everything I had hoped the Apple Watch would deliver, except it fits on my finger. 

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