How to run two NN models (classifying inertial and audio) simultaneously on my Nicla Voice board?

Context/Use case:
I’m building an application that requires classifying two types of data collected by an IMU and a microphone simultaneously on my Nicla Voice board. I’ve gone through several examples and built some customized apps with only one model based on the GitHub repo here: firmware-arduino-nicla-voice/src/ei_syntiant_ndp120.cpp at main · edgeimpulse/firmware-arduino-nicla-voice · GitHub

However, it seems that only one model can run with the firmware builder provided by this repo. I’m wondering if there is a relatively quick way to get two models to run simultaneously. There’s a deadline coming soon, so reading through the firmware repo line by line and modifying it myself could be too slow.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi @xinyew

You can try to do so via multi-impulse: Multi-impulse | Edge Impulse Documentation