How to Run project without ESP32_CAM WIFI

Help Required !!!

Hi ,
I have tried hard to run esp32_cam by using arduino IDE but my wifi is not connecting to board.
So is there any way to done testing without using wifi…

Awaiting for reply …

Hello @himani.upadhyay,

Yes you can try this example:

It will run the inference when you boot your board without having to configure the wifi.
Also note that if you have an SD card present, it will save both the original image and the resized one prepared for the inference. With this, you can then integrate your new images in the studio to obtain a better accuracy over time.



Hi @louis,
Thanks for replay

Yes I know about the SD card example. But By using this We can only click photos and save them into SD.
What I exactly want is to train and test data also. I’m following this example
Esp32_cam flower Example

Hi @himani.upadhyay,

The examples provided on the Github repository will only run the inference.
To collect data, train and validate your model, you need to do this step separately using Edge Impulse Studio.
And after, once you are happy with your model, you can download the model to make it work with your ESP32 (which is not officially supported by Edge Impulse).

The inference on boot example will run the inference (the classification predictions) once when you boot the board.