How to port the binary file generated by Edge Impulse to our Infineon's 62S2 Kit?

Hi Community,
We want to perform an audio classification using Infineon 62S2 kit which is officially supported by Edge Impulse. I want to use the .hex(binary) file. But I am not able to understand on how to import the model to my Code. It is direct deployment? Any blog/ guide for the above. And here we are dealing with Audio data, what about the mic interfacing and so on? Is it all included and plug and play? How do we record the audio while inferencing at the edge.

Please respond as soon as possible, we have a project deadline to meet.


Hello @Sobhit25,

You will find the documentation here: Infineon CY8CKIT-062S2 Pioneer Kit - Edge Impulse Documentation

I hope that helps,