How to import dataset from COCO

I have downloaded a specific object class from coco that i am trying to detect, how do i import the dataset with the existing bounding boxes?

info: It’s an object detection project, the pictures are jpgs and the label file is a json file

Hi @RowanMo,

You can read more about our bounding boxes format here: Uploader - Edge Impulse Documentation


I have similar problem about importing the Coco Json annotation files. I ve read Edge Impulse documentation, also i ve researched all websites and forums already and nobody mentioned about my problem. So i have no clue to convert COCO json files to Edge Impulse format. Could you give some hints about that?

Hello @MrAccelerated,

You can write a simple python script (or whatever language you prefer) to go over your files and labels and extract the bounding boxes to a bounding_boxes.labels file.

@pete wrote a nice article on the bounding boxes format: Beginners guide to Object Detection with Edge Impulse | by Peter Ing | Medium



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Hello @RowanMo,

FYI, we just released the support of new image dataset acquisition formats (COCO JSON, Pascal VOC, YOLO TXT, OpenImage, Plain CSV): Uploader - Edge Impulse Documentation