How to generate "YOUR FEATURES HERE" for MFCC model deployed to the browser?

Are there any sample code on how to generate “YOUR FEATURES HERE” for MFCC model deployed to the browser? There are several related posts but there isn’t any that gives a direct answer with a clear example. For image recognition, it is more straightforward but for audio it seems very complicated. Thanks!

You copy the Features in the EI Studio. Look for the Raw Features copy icon.

This link show an example of Raw Features.

Copying and pasting from EI Studio works fine, no problem there. However, I want to classify from my web application. If I open a clip from my web application, how do I extract the features from the clip and pass these on as inputs to the model for classification? I would like to do this from within the web application (in javascript) .

Thanks again.

I believe this is what your seek.

If not, here is a CPP file that opens the audio card and reads the PCM data into a buffer for inferencing. It also prepends the WAV header and writes the sample to a file, that may be useful when false positives are identified allowing you to direct a re-training mission.

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