How to export an Edge Impulse trained model and deploy it in an MDK (Keil) application on ST B-L475E-IOT01A

Good afternoon, I am a student and I am interested in finding some guide where to learn how to export a model trained in Edge Impulse to implement it in an MDK application. Or how to generate the C ++ code that you can implement in MDK. And in case nothing similar existed, they could contribute some idea that gives some light to the matter. Thank you very much in advance.

MDK, Keil, CMSIS-NN, ST B-L475E-IOT01A, STM32, ARM Cortex-M4

Hi @SantiQueipo the C++ Library you output from Deployment will most likely build fine from MDK. We have many ARM targets that use GCC and it works there, not expecting much difference with ARMCC under MDK.