How to enable edge impulse and send signal to arduino

I use edge impulse for my project, it should recognize tomatoes on raspberry py, and I need that when raspberry pi sees a tomato, it will send a signal to the Arduino, but how can this be done if edge impulse can only be launched on the command line.

Hi @4our5ive,

You do not need to use the command line for Edge Impulse. There are a number of ways to run your ML model on a Raspberry Pi, including a C++ library, Python, Go, and Node.js libraries, WebAssembly, and Docker container.

sorry, but i couldn’t find on the internet hot to run it in python or c++m can you tall me or give a link how to do this

Hi @4our5ive,

I linked to each of the tutorials in my comment above. For C++, I recommend As a generic C++ library - Edge Impulse Documentation

For Python: Linux Python SDK - Edge Impulse Documentation

Sorry, but I didn’t understand how to run image recognition on it and read the data in it

Hi @4our5ive,

Here is an example of how to capture an image from a webcam on the Raspberry Pi and then run inference to classify that image using the Edge Impulse Python library: