How to edit firmware before flashing development board?

I want to know how can I change the code of the application before I flash the board, for instance, for the voice recognition model, how can I turn on an LED when my key word is detected ?
I used the Infineon PSOC6 CY8CKIT-06S2 kit for this project.
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Making an action after voice recognition.


Do you want to edit the firmware or build a project?

Docs for the cy8ckit-062s2 :

Audio Classification

Source for the firmware is available here

C++ guide for building your own project:

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Hi Eoin,

Thank you for your feedback.
I have generated my impulse using the board as target so I received a .hex file that I used to flash my board. Indeed, I want to modify the code generated to, for instance, turn On an LED when my key word is recognized, should I use the generic C++ library to edit the code generated with my model to do so ?

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Yes C++ is what you will export to then
go forward modifying one of the examples as you would in the ModusToolBox Examples, and substitute in your C++ project export into the example. (hopefully its clear in the doc here) →

ModusToolBox Examples

Edge Impulse projects may be found in Infineon’s ModusToolBox. These examples allow you to quickly develop applications around machine learning models and the Edge Impulse SDK. If you need to update the model you may Deploy a C++ library from your project and unzip the resulting downloaded folder into your ModusToolBox application.

To create an example project you must first open a new ModusToolBox application from the File menu

New ModusToolBox Application

Then, you must choose which board support package (BSP) you wish to run your application on. Boards that are officially supported will have Edge Impulse examples.

Choose BSP

Lastly, in the Project Creator window, you may select any Edge Impulse listings available for that product and click on Create. Please refer to the ModusToolBox help and tutorials for more information on running applications on your device.

Choose Edge Impulse example

This should be comparable to working in Arduino where some examples are baked in right @jbuckEI ? …I’ve not used this IDE yet

We have many variations created by our Experts too:

Arduino as a library comes with some boilerplate example projects, that can be a good place to get started too



Hi Eoin,

Thank you for this complete feedback.
Therefore, using CY8CKIT-062S2-43012 (as you mentioned before) I didn’t find any template application from Edge Impulse in ModusToolbox as you can see here :

Do you have an idea why ?

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