How to delete all of one label on images

Is there a way to mass delete all of one image label. I am using bounding boxes, and there are two labels on each image when I only want one. There are over 2000 images, and I really don’t want to manually delete them. On the other hand, can I just disable a label group in the model. Thanks.

  • Download the data from the Studio.
  • Find file info.labels.
    • This is a standard JSON file.
    • You can use RegEx to say delete the 2nd object in each Sample.
      • (ChatGPT is really good at RegEx syntax!)
    • Else, create a script to parse the JSON file programmatically or interactively.
  • Delete all data in the EdgeImpulse Studio project
  • Upload the same images but with the modified Labels file to Studio.