How to connect sparkfun edge to edge impulse

Hi im not able to connect sparkfun edge board as it is not there in the list of officially supported list.
I was running commands on linux to connect it to edge impulse but I was getting error.
for $edge-impulse-linux output was:
Failed to initialize linux tool Error: Cannot find any webcams.
for $edge-impulse-data-forwarder output was
[SER] could not find any devices connected over serial port
[SER] Retrying in 5 seconds

please help me.

Hello @puneet22,

the edge-impulse-linux command is probably not the one you are looking for as this one is to connect your machine (your linux or macos system to Edge Impulse).

The data forwarder is probably the one you should use.
I am not familiar with sparkfun edge board but can I make sure you can see from your computer the serial output of that board?



Here are a few things to try:

  • After connecting the Sparkfun Edge Board (SEB) open up a serial monitor like PuTTY or use the Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE.

    • If you don’t see data streaming on the serial port there are other issues.
    • The program on the SEB must be streaming data on its serial port.
  • If you are running on a virtual machine make sure the serial port you are using is assigned to the virtual machine.

  • Try using the Connect using WebUSB button inside Edge Impulse Studio.

  • Try using the Data Forwarder.

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yes I can see the serial output of board but the data forwarder method is also not working

It says load an application on your dev board but what application should I load? Should I load those examples? or something else particularly for Sparkun edge- Apollo 3 blue?

Hello @puneet22,

See the protocol section:
You’ll need to output data on baud rate 115200 with one line per reading, and individual sensor data should be split with either a , or a TAB.

You’ll probably need to write your software or adapt something from sparkfun example.

Can you copy paste your current serial output?