How to connect local Edge Impulse Linux client to second project?


First time user of Edge Impulse here, and working on a Raspberry pi 4B.

I started my first project, and everything worked oke, with even much better results then i expected.
But with my second project i hit a snag, and i can’t figure out why.

Problem: when i run the edge-impulse-linux CLI (after i logged into the EdgeImpulse website and selected my second project) it will only connect to my first project, and not connect to my second project. I can not seem to find a way to connect my local Edge Impulse Linux Client to my second project.

Now, i am a first time Edge Impulse user, and although i got my first project up and running in under 3 hours (very impressed myself), i think i must be missing a very obvious step in the process of connecting to my second project.

So, if anyone can point me in the right direction, or explain to me how to connect the local Edge Inpulse Linux client to a second (or third) project, that would be very much appriciated.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @Ollie,

Just run the command with the --clean flag:

edge-impulse-linux --clean

You’ll then be able to select a new project.


Hello Aurelien,

Thanks for the help.

I was wondering why the client was constantly connecting to the first project at startup, but i thought the solution must be somewhere at the Edge Impulse Studio-side. It never occurred to me that it could be on the client-side (loading with data from the last project).

I will try your suggestion, and post the result.