How can i run the Edge Impulse Standalone inferencing with CC1352P using ti Code Composer Studio Tool

We are looking to run the standalone inferencing in ti CC1352P controller. We followed your guide guide and was able to get the output using above mentioned method. Now, we are looking into ways for generating the firmware.out file using Code Composer Studio (CCS). It would be of immense help if anyone could throw some light regarding the same. Is this possible with CCS or are there any other recommendations?

Hi @SivaS,

We have a member of our community who has successfully built an Edge Impulse project for the CC1352 using the Code Composer Studio’s command line tools, check out the project here:

Our firmware README guide for the CC1352 also mentions how you can install the necessary tools using the CCStudio, however the following instructions use the command line to build the firmware locally. Meaning you will likely be able to debug/build using the IDE as well:

I will ask our ambassadors if they have any knowledge on using the CCStudio GUI instead of the CLI tools.