Himax Wei Plus Put TFLITE Model

Dear All,

I am having issues trying to figure out how to put a TFLITE model onto the ai-vision board. Essentialy we are hoping to convert a Media Pipe model to tf lite and use it on the ai vision board.

At the moment I followed the Himax tutorials of compiling person detection model and uploading it to the board. However I get a boot failure due to public key.

I checked that my bootloader version was not the correct version , so i tried to use the flash tools to upload the new boot loader. However I keep getting device not connected although I am using sudo.

I also tried using the BouffaloLabDevCube-v1.8.4 tool, to upload the himax_we1_bootloader_v1_4_4.
it successfully uploads but when i restart the board and check the terminal in MINCOM nothing shows up.

If I use the tinyuf2-grove_vision_ai.bin, the boot loader seems to work fine. However the problem is I need to program the board with my own model and APP.

I would also love to know if there is a way to convert the Mediapip Hand model , to Seed Studio Uf2 model.