Himax WE-I: reset button doesn't register when I am attempting to connect

I’m using edge-impulse-cli on Windows to connect to the Himax. Here’s what I’m getting in the command prompt:

[HMX] Connecting to COM3...
[HMX] Connected, press the **RESET** button on your Himax WE-I now
[HMX] Error during update Failed to get a valid response (looking for "wake up evt:4") from device. Response was: ""
Press any key to continue . . .```

I have pressed the reset button a number of times, nothing happens. Has anyone had a similar issue? Could it just be a defective button?

Wondering if you’re up-to-date with the edge-impulse-cli? npm update -g edge-impulse-cli

Or perhaps it might be an issue with the bootloader. See: https://github.com/HimaxWiseEyePlus/bsp_tflu/tree/master/HIMAX_WE1_EVB_user_guide#himax-we1-evb-user-guide on how to update.

Thanks, I’ll try the bootloader piece over the weekend. I’ve definitely updated the cli.

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I am looking at the link you sent for the boot loader. I have downloaded Tera Term. Instructions say to “please check xmodem protocol is supported” but when I go through the menu: File > Transfer > XMODEM > Send… it just opens a file explorer for Tera Term: XMODEM Send. I have no idea how to check if the protocol is supported, this is too vague.

So if I assume xmodem is supported, I followed the “Update Flash Image at Windows Environment” instructions. But when I open Tera Term and select File > New connection, the Himax WE1 is not listed.

Any idea of what I might be doing wrong?

@mmullen200 If you run edge-impulse-run-impulse --raw and reset the board do you see any messages from the bootloader? This is what it shows for me.

$ edge-impulse-run-impulse --raw
Edge Impulse impulse runner v1.13.8
[SER] Connecting to /dev/tty.usbserial-DT04551Q
 Himax WEI Boot loader

embARC Build Time: May 11 2020, 13:58:51
Compiler Version: Metaware, 4.2.1 Compatible Clang 8.0.1
Boot loader Version : 1.4.2 (Date:May 11 2020)
chip version : 0x8535a1
cpu speed : 400000000 hz
wake up evt:4
...secure lib version = 352380df9a347b1187d2361bfcd4455178a1ebcb
1st APPLICATION addr[3]=21000 (main-1709)
Hello from Edge Impulse Device SDK.

Have also pinged Himax.

When I hit the reset button, it just remains here, no further feedback

Edge Impulse impulse runner v1.13.7
? Which device do you want to connect to? COM3 (Microsoft)
[SER] Connecting to COM3

@mmullen200 In that case I think either your RESET button is broken, or the bootloader has disappeared (not sure if that’s possible) and I doubt that the board is recoverable… I pinged Himax over the weekend, maybe they have an idea.

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FYI here’s feedback from Himax:

1.check if bootloader message displayed okay at tera-term
1.1 setting UART port via tera term, here is the setting
1.2 check if bootloader version displayed.

if no message displayed or bootloader version display 1.4.2, go to step 2

  1. update bootloader at Linux environment
    2.1 Ft4222 linux driver is needed to update the bootloader, please follow the link to update

Thanks so much for looking into this, much appreciated. I really wonder if it might be a broken button, but I will dig into these instructions.

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Received a new device, it was definitely a broken reset button on previous one. Thanks for all your help.