High Freq 0 vs Nil

We getting this error when running the ImpulseDesign / Transfer Learning / retrain of an audio keyword model we testing

High Freq is set to 0 based on the instructions…

"Training output
Creating job… Failed to create job: Incompatible DSP config: Expected DSP high_frequency to be null but it was 0 Transfer learning for keyword spotting currently only works with MFE or Syntiant blocks with their default config Job failed (see above)

Project ID:

Context/Use case:

Would you provide your project ID which is a number located in the Dashboard on the right side? or in the project link

In a very non-user friendly manner…to change 0 to null on the high freq textbox, you need to delete the Impulse Blocks, re-add Impulse Blocks, then save Impulse.