Hello everyone,

I’m trying to run a project I designed for keyword recognition. Although I followed the guidlines given in the EdgeImpulse’s website (Sony's Spresense - Edge Impulse Documentation) I’m constantly encountring the following error.

I configured the SD card is mentioned in the website and I’m giving the link from imgur since I cannot upload another picture due to some limitations.

Is there anything else I need to follow? I can connect SPRESENSE to my project without any problems.

For further information, I had many unable to load errors and I was able to hotfix it by changing the baudrate from 921600 to 115200.

Can anyone help me on this topic?

Thank you for your time,
Erdem Atbas

The imgur link to the SD card can be found here. The imgur link consists of 2 images.

I’m also providing the website connection for further clarification.

How did you get the Firmware to default to a microphone?

  • The tutorial you are following says to download the Spresense Firmware, unzip it and run flash_windows.bat.
    • When I do this the Firmware loads successfully.
  • Then running run-edge-run-impulse results in
Edge Impulse impulse runner v1.16.3
[SER] Connecting to COM11
[SER] Serial is connected, trying to read config...
[SER] Failed to get info off device:undefined. Is this device running a binary built through Edge Impulse? Reconnecting in 5 seconds...
[SER] Serial is connected, trying to read config...
[SER] Retrieved configuration
[SER] Device is running AT command version 1.7.0
[SER] Started inferencing, press CTRL+C to stop...
Inferencing settings:
        Interval: 16.0000 ms
        Frame size: 375
        Sample length: 2000.0000 ms.
        No. of classes: 4
Starting inferencing, press 'b' to break
Err: failed to get sensor data
Predictions (DSP: 6 ms., Classification: 0 ms., Anomaly: 0 ms.):
    idle:       0.996093
    snake:      0.000000
    updown:     0.000000
    wave:       0.000000
    anomaly score: -0.066530
Starting inferencing in 2 seconds...

So the Firmware defaults to an IMU. The Spresense does not have a built-in IMU. Therefore it makes sense for the Firmware to bail out to a command line awaiting user input of some unknown kind.

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Your SD card appears to be configured properly with the correct files.

Hello MMarcial,

I would like to thank you for reply and time.

I was able to configure the SPRESENSE with a built-in microphone by adding a microphone through it’s MIC C ports given in this link (Spresense Hardware Documents). I’m using an analog microphone that is soldered on a custom PCB.

I was able to configure the port as its builtin microphone using SPRESENSE’s the flash bootloader. I will try to reset this modification and update you on this manner. Maybe the way I approach it was causing problems. However, the code I wrote for upto now enables the microphone work without any problems.

Best regards,
Erdem Atbas

It appears you are running the EdgeImpulse CLI command edge-impulse-run-impulse.

What program are you flashing onto the Spresense?

Hello MMarcial,

I was able to fix the problem by reinstalling the EdgeImpulse. As you mentioned everything was configured correctly. I assume when I was installing npn or downloading the libraries had a corruption. I would like to thank you for responses.

I was able to see it by using the edge-impulse-run-impulse --raw mode.

I’m using the Ardunio’s IDE to flash the Spresense. If you enquire on how I achieved that I’m happy to have a detailed conversation.

Best regards,
Erdem Atbas

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