Help with Feature Generation

I am trying to generate features for my model, but when I click generate features, it takes an extremely long time (3+ hrs), and then fails without returning an error message. There is no error message other than Job failed (see above) with nothing above. The project ID is 260462.


Hi @c24ar

I took a look at your project, and you have an extremely large number of axes (260462), I suspect you have captured the timeseries instead of the amplitude. Try reversing the axes that you are adding, via the csv upload.



Hi @Eoin

The number of columns that I have is supposed to be 16383 - I’m not sure where the 260462 is coming from. In the CSV files on my machine, there are only 16363 columns. I uploaded it as time series data in the csv uploader instead of the second option of a reading and full sample because that required me to input all 16,363 columns’ names, which was obviously not possible. Is there any way that I can either a) get the data as a full sample without having to input all the column names, or b) get more runtime on this?

Sorry if this is kind of a dumb question, I’m a high schooler and I’m kind of new to the platform.