Help! I can't make custom processing block for images work

Hi! First of all thanks for reading this post in order to help. I’m trying to run the custom processing block in the pipeline posted by Louis Moreau on the note at the blog. It is a really cool work and I was trying to replicate it but I get to the following problem:

I followed step by step but I’m not being able to find my error. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards!
Julio Esteban

Hi @JulioEsteban,

Thanks for reporting this error. Indeed it looks like a regression when using custom blocks, I forwarded to our studio team and will let you know asap when it’s fixed.


Hi @JulioEsteban We have a fix merged in, will go live with the next patch release (probably tomorrow).

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Hi to both of you!

Thanks for your quick responses and solutions! I will retry with the next patch release then.

Best regards,