Having issues downloading trained module into NRF Connect


I am trying to run a run a simple motion detection ML module on my nRF52840 DK, and I am facing issues building it.
I followed the documentation and was able to build the wrapper example as it is.

When I change my project URI in prj.conf file in the wrapper example, It is throwing the following error:
401 Unauthorized
downloading ‘http://studio.edgeimpulse.com/v1/api/33897/deployment/download?type=zip’ failed

I have created a thread in their forum for more context.

I am not sure about what the issue might be, could anyone please help?

Thank you.

Hi @kshitijhiremath,

Have you also specified the API Key of your project? https://developer.nordicsemi.com/nRF_Connect_SDK/doc/latest/nrf/applications/machine_learning/README.html#providing-api-key

The 401 Unauthorized is most likely coming from there.


Hello @aurel Thank you for the response,

I did specify the API key for the project as mentioned here.
But the issue still persists.

Hello @kshitijhiremath,

Can you try to create a new API key in your project and test it again please?
To do so, go to Dashboard->Keys->create new API key
The API key should start with ei_



Hello @louis,

I tried creating a new API key with admin rights and tested it again,
But the issue still persists.


Hello @kshitijhiremath,

I will defer this issue to the core engineering team as I don’t have any idea on how to fix this :confused:
In the meantime, could you try to create a new project, import all your data and retrain your model and test again?



Hi, I’ve pinged Nordic. In the meantime you can go to your Edge Impulse project (https://studio.edgeimpulse.com/studio/33897) => Deployment => C++ Library => Build. That gives you a ZIP file with everything in it (same as you’d get thru nRF Connect). Example on how to integrate with Zephyr here: https://github.com/edgeimpulse/example-standalone-inferencing-zephyr