Grove Vision AI Module V2 Support

Question/Issue: I have just ordered a Grove Vision AI Module V2, wondering if the link below is sufficient for the V2 module as well.
Will the Edge Impluse firmware for the Vision AI Module V1 be compatible or is there going to be a new release to support the V2 module?
(Seeed Grove - Vision AI Module - Edge Impulse Documentation)

Project ID:

Context/Use case: Prototyping a low power edge deployment device for animal sensing and detection.

Hi @tobyntobyn

Yes it should be, if you have trouble with using it post here and someone will be able to offer suggestions.



Hi Eoin,

Thanks for your reply.
Since then, I’ve received the chip and am trying to update the device to be able to upload my custom model targeted for the Vision Ai Module.

Wondering if you can answer or give solutions to the following issues from the original link provided:

  • Regarding the first step: the Vision AI V2 doesn’t have a bl702 chip so the Bouffalo Lab Dev Cube section isn’t relevant. Does this version of Himax (WiseEye2 HX6538 processor) have it’s own
    computer connection capabilities?
    The purpose of the bl702 chip is it builds the connection between the computer
    and the Himax chip (This being the Himax HX6537-A on the V1 device).
    The firmware (tinyuf2-grove_vision_ai_v2.0.1.bin) controls the BL702 chip so is this
    not needed?

  • Regarding the second step: I am unable to update Edge Impulse firmware because I can’t boot the device in “mass storage mode” to install firmware.uf2 (Looks like a common problem:

Did you ever get an answer to your Edge Impluse firmware for the Vision AI Module V2 question?

I have the same question.