Google Coral Dev Board 4GB | i.MX 8M Plus EVK

The device support index page…

… appears to be missing the link to the following page…

… in the “Community targets” section. But I don’t know where to report the change request to. Does anyone else know? Also to request Google Coral Dev Board 4GB as a additional community guide.

NB Although the Google Coral Dev Board 4GB is based on the NXP i.MX 8M, these instructions, and the generic Linux x86_64, didn’t work for me (Command not found error message). The NVIDIA Jetson Nano instructions are, likewise, not quite right. Seemly, the NVIDIA Jetson Nano instructions needed the packages listed in the NXP i.MX 8M steps.

I had followed the i.MX 8M Plus EVK steps up to the error message, so I switched to the steps contained within the batch file for the NVIDEA Jetson from package installs from line 10. This completed and I was able to run edge-impulse-linux.

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Hi @gavin67890,

Thank you for pointing out the missing link. I have added it to the documentation. Also, thank you for the information about getting the Google Coral Dev Board to work. We do not have plans currently to make it into a community-supported board, but we are always open to submissions! If you write something up for the Coral Dev Board, we will gladly create a page for it and link it to your tutorial.

I’ve sketched out the steps here, taking into consideration the other guides.

I wanted to bring together the steps from the other related boards, highlighting differences and maybe realign, making comments where necessary.

Comments welcome.

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