Good Quality Sound and Vision Arduino exports wanted?

I am making an Arduino Portenta Library of examples here and I want to add some Edge Impulse examples for the built in microphone or camera, I don’t have many perfected projects as I am still at the stage of getting things working. My best project is my Accelerometer W-O-R-D-S project and the Portenta does not have a built in Accelerometer!

All I would need was the exported library and a list of the labels, preferably in the correct order). Labels as the zipped file name would be great. example: “”. Shared projects would also work, then I would just export the Arduino file myself.

Easy way to upload would be to fork my project, place the zipped file here in the zipped-libraries and push a PR. I will do the programming, it will just be flashing lights based on the order of the labels. First label Green, second label blue etc.

Note: The Github’s structure is changing rapidly as I solve some organizational issues.

P.S. Would also be great if Edge Impulse had a way for people to share their exported libraries. Something to think about @janjongboom . As a teacher, I can’t really share my students projects as they have images of the themselves in the project, but I could share the exported libraries they make.


A Grayscale emotion recognition image library? Just built it for fun using Kaggle Dataset. Should I add it?

Edit: EdgeImpulse doesn’t yet support continuous inference for image on Arduino library. It required Raw features. Would an image arduino library be worth it? OpenMV Image model seems a better option to me.

@Rocksetta, so I made the project public -

Let me know if the dataset is suited for the application. I haven’t tested on the Portenta Vision Shield, if you have any good results, keep me posted :))

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Nicely done @dhruvsheth

Thank you.

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