Getting the Pulse: Technical Insights into Edge Impulse's new HR and HRV Blocks

In digital health engineering, few metrics are as vital as Heart Rate (HR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV). These offer profound insights into health, and at Edge Impulse, we have made substantial strides in simplifying the measurement of HR and HRV for resource-constrained devices. In this exploration tailored for engineers in the digital health industry we'll dive deep into the technical aspects of Edge Impulse's HR and HRV features. This article will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of PPG heart rate estimates, HRV feature generation, embedded code for on-device inference, and more.

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We are developing a terminal that measures HR and HRV of dogs using BCG sensors. The platform is NRF5340.
I would like to ask you what procedures can be used to proceed with the development in order to utilize HR/HRV of Edge Impulse.
Can I get your advise.

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Hi @lks0519

Interesting product!

Please contact our sales team via the following link: Pricing