Getting Failed to get information off device Sensor readings from device do not seem to be all numbers error in data forwarder

I’m trying to add my sensor data through the data forwarder to edge impulse.
This is how my sensor data looks and it is similar to the data forwarding protocol.

But I’m getting the following error while using the data forwarder.

How can I solve it? Thanks in advance.


You seem to be printing a non-unicode character. Please try normalising your serial data output in your application code before printing.


Hi @jenny,

I’m directly printing the data that I get from my sensor. I don’t see it’s modified in any way to print a non-Unicode character. Everything is in default and the data printed in the serial monitor looks fine. Is anything needs to be modified to use the data forwarder or Is there any other way to connect my nRF52833 DK to the Edge Impulse?


Hi @Nabeel,

Somewhere, you are trying to print the character “\u00007” which I’m not sure what that is. “\u0007” is the BELL character, so I don’t know where that extra 0 is coming from.

The fact that you are printing a new line between each set of samples should offer some clue…there should be no blank line between your lines of values.

There are a number of ways to get sample values to Edge Impulse. With slower samples (e.g. not audio or data), you can use the data forwarder or pre-compiled firmware + Edge Impulse CLI (for supported boards). You can also save your values in CBOR, JSON, or CSV files and upload them directly to your project in Edge Impulse.

For my projects, I like to save things as CSV files (either locally on an SD card or send them to my computer over USB). I have an example here showing how to transmit CSV data with Arduino and capture it over USB with a Python script:

Hope that helps!

Hi @shawn_edgeimpulse,

Thanks for the reply. “\u00007” printed in the log, it’s actually “\u0000” (NULL character) and 7 is data from the sensor. Somehow it’s printing a NULL character before the sensor value. I’ve solved the issue and now the device gets connected to my edge impulse project.

Thanks for the help.

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