Gesture recognition with I Q data radar


First of all thanks a lot for your website and the tutorial which are very well explained. :slight_smile:
I followed your tutorial with my Doppler Radar (not an Infineon) (Using Doppler Radar for Gesture Recognition with the Infineon Sense2GoL-Pulse & Edge Impulse) and get this result with only 11 minutes of data. It was just a try I didn’t wanted to go further.

My question is :
Is it possible to do some DSP or may-be to construct an image as in this paper Radar-based Hand Gesture Recognition Using I-Q Echo Plot and Convolutional Neural Network (
with your app ? It seems that the gestures can be more complex using this.

Would love to have some leads to try to go further. :slight_smile:

Hi @Alexis,

While the Edge Impulse Studio does not have the ability to construct radar I-Q plots out of the box, you could build a custom processing block (see this tutorial: Building custom processing blocks - Edge Impulse Documentation) to do that for you. If you made the custom block with something like C++, it should (in theory) be able to be compiled for target MCUs.

From there, it’s simply a matter of training a CNN, as the I-Q plots are just images.

Thank you for your answer, i’ll look at this tutorial !