Full support for Arduino Nicla Vision

When will you support Arduino Nicla Vision as a fully supported dev board?

Hello @srautip,

We usually don’t give ETA. I’m sure you’re aware that many things can delay the releases in the software development world.
Nevertheless, I am also looking forward to it :wink:



Hello @louis,
thanks for this nice answer.
My board is still in the mail - so I‘m happily looking forward to it. :grinning:


Oh you are lucky, I could not order mine yet it is still sold out on Arduino website :slight_smile:

Is there any other way to run vision models on the Nicla Vision while waiting for the release?

Yes of course - e.g. as an OpenMV library or Arduino library. Only the build firmware option is not yet ready. I’m currently using it with OpenMV - great board with great performance - even the TOF-sensor is supported.

The full support (including firmware export from studio and dedicated ingestion firmware) is coming “very soon”, stay tuned. A while ago we also made available ingestion and inference sketches for Nicla Vision and Nicla Sense ME.

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