Frequency only increases

My original data consisted of a set consists of 400, one minute long recordings sampled at 48000 Hz
i am failing to store this frequency . What could be the problem? Am i having the wrong frequency?

why is it saying frquency should be greater than 0 when it is already greater than 0, why only increments of 1?


Hi @Irene,

How did you import your dataset? It looks like the sampling frequency is very low.

When importing as json, the interval_ms needs to be set ( In your case it should be: 0.020833.


Hi @Irene For some reason we rejected frequencies between 0 and 1Hz. Fixing this in the next patch release (either tomorrow or Monday).

But why are you saying 48000 Hz and then selecting a freq <1 Hz? Are you sure you have uploaded the data correctly?