For my real experiment, Can you give me some advice? Thanks in advance

This is my real experiment data from the current sensor.

All_off status example is as follow,

iron on example is as follow,’

kettle_on example is as follow,

laptop on example is as follow,

The feature figure is as follow,

But the neural network and result are not good, which is classified by my eye directly.

Can you give me some advice on these experiments?
Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

The following link is my public project
Dashboard - powerstrip-50khz-wire - Edge Impulse

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Hi @davwang this is a great project! I am getting much better accuracy after manipulating the window size in the impulse design and then changing the neural network architecture to use a 1d-convolutional layers. You can see the modified design here:
Hope this helps.

@yodaimpulse Thank you very much. You’re a good guy. :grinning:

Although I have used your neural network to improve the accuracy for trainning my dataset , these result is worser than your ones. Maybe the dataset should be handled? Can you give some advice for handing different sample?

Hi @davwang That is kind of strange because this is what I get when I train. Did you also change the window size?

Ok, I know what happened, I did “rebalance dataset” from the Dashboard page so that there is some test data in the project. Your original project only had training data. Usually you want to have about 20% test data which is data the model has never seen before. Using your original data amount in the training bucket, if you set the window size to 2000 ms instead of 3000 ms, this will give you some better accuracy, arriving at the following result.

:+1: :+1:That is great! Thanks for your continuous help

I want to know how to calculate the number of features.

The generic formula is (number of axes * window size * sample rate), so in this case it would be:
(1 * 2 * 5388 ) = 10776 features. If window size is 3 seconds, then it would be 16164 features.

@davwang, this is a great project!!

Do you mind explaining us how did you build your logger?
If you do a blog post (hackster, medium or whatsoever) about your project, we’d be happy to share it too (and I’d be happy to try your tutorial on my side :slight_smile: ) !



@louis Thanks for your affirmation about this project. Maybe sometime later, I will try to create a blog post. I have an account from hackster. I havenot known the medium or whatsoever.

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@yodaimpulseThanks for your continuous help.

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