FOMO Self-Attention

FOMO is a deep learning architecture for running object detection on constrained devices, developed by Edge Impulse.

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In the public Impulse referenced in the article on the Impulse Design - Object Detection page, why does it say:

This model won't run on MCUs. Verifying model failed with code -6 and no error message

Does it require a GPU?

Hi @MMarcial

My clone of this project seems to train just fine on the default setting (Cortex-M7 216MHZ).

I can however see in your project that message, and reproduce it when selecting the Arduino Portenta H7 in my cloned project.

It seems to be related to the quantization:

Quantized (int8)

Unptimized (float32)

Let me check with the team, and see what if this is an issue we need to raise.