FOMO model Heatmaps

I’m trying to use the FOMO model file locally to output a ‘heatmap’ containing classified images for post processing, is there a way to do that by editing any code in the existing model file that I can grab from EI?
I am trying to run a classification model on a cortex M4F (nano BLE 33) and thus am able to only fit a lightweight model like FOMO on it to detect empty spaces in a shelf ~ in a retail setup. It shows me the count and location but I wanted to try and get any data on the dimensions of the empty space as well through my image classifier (maybe through post processing).

Also, would it be a feasible solution if I ran a regression classifier instead of an object detection classifier by labelling the % empty space for each image and training it on EI?

Hello @Netra13,

That thread might interest you: