FOMO model for Portenta H7

I read that there s a new FOMO model out that can work on the portenta H7. Is it accessible to for testing?
Thank you

Hi Keja,

We have officially released FOMO, Object detection for constrained devices. It can run on any Edge Impulse supported computer vision board. Check out our docs here for more info on how it works and how to get started with it on your portenta.


Hi Clinton,

Thank you :slight_smile:
So I tested FOMO on the Portenta H7 and I m getting 15fps using OpenMV librairy for deployment. Would I get better results with the Portenta H7 firmware ?
How can I get better FPS otherwise?

Hello @Keja,

It’s about the same I’ve been experiencing with the Portenta using 96x96 images.
You could reduce your resolution to 64x64 which should increase your fps but your accuracy might decrease a bit. It’s always a tradeoff :slight_smile:



Hello Louis,

I made some tests and indeed I get about 30fps with 64*64 resolution with lower accuracy.

Would I get similar performances on the nicla vision ?


Hi @Keja,

Since both the Portenta and Nicla Vision run on Cortex M7, you can get almost the same perfomances with the Nicla Vision. See this video by Jan Jongboom where he got 30 fps with the Nicla Vision with only 245K RAM.