FOMO Inference and Web Stream ESP32

Is it possible/ worth attempting to performance FOMO inference and stream the output on a ESP32 at the same time?

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I am just getting started with microcontrollers and recently purchased both an ESP32-CAM(AI Thinker) and ESP-EYE. I have exported a FOMO model as an Arduino library and confirmed that it runs on both devices. I have also tested both devices as camera webservers using GitHub - easytarget/esp32-cam-webserver: Expanded version of the Espressif ESP webcam
I can’t find evidence of anyone attempting to combine these functionality on one device, I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be possible besides memory issues, but I imagine the performance may be very poor. Is there any precedent for this? Should I keep the devices as webcams and leave inference to a more powerful device?

Hello @seangaff,

The inference will be indeed a slow but it should work.
You probably won’t be able to achieve more than 1 with both FOMO and a webserver running (with a small image).
And you’ll probably need to optimize the memory consumption too.