First project: All Learning Blocks are hidden

I have started my first project. It is a voice recognition project. I recorded and uploaded my keyword multiple times and I also uploaded the 4 sample audio datasets (yes,no,noise,unknown). When I go to create my impulse I can add the MFCC processing block but when I go to add a learning block I get the message “Some learning blocks have been hidden based on the data in your project.” and no blocks appear. I do not know what to do next.

Hi @jmorris644

Can you share your project ID?


I only have 1. It is jmorris644-project-1

You can find the project ID on the dashboard on the right side down. It is a number


Oh, my bad. :slight_smile: 29700

Hi @jmorris644

It seems you had chosen object detection when you were creating the project yet you are solving a audio classification problem. The learning blocks are hidden since all your data is in the labeling queue which shouldn’t be the case for audio classification.

To solve this, go to the project Dashboard you will see a project info tile on your right. select the labeling method drop-down to change from bounding boxes to one label per data item

Let me know if this helps!



Ah, thanks. I had created the project very early on and did not even realize that it was an object detection project. If this is the main condition that generates the text content, maybe the text could be a little more descriptive? Just a thought.

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Hello @jmorris644,

Yes we have seen several users getting confused on this too.
I’ll check with our UX team how they can improve that flow.