Firmware-st-b-l475e-iot01a for STM32CubeIDE


did someone ported the edge impiulse firmware for the ST Board to CubeIDE already?
And would share it?


@AssKicker not that I’m aware of, but why would you need this? The C++ LIbrary exports and STM32Cube.AI exports should be enough to run the finished impulse using CubeIDE.

I want to compile your Board firmware ( in CubeIDE to reconfig the accelerometer.

@AssKicker if you import the application with Mbed CLI (see the README) you’ll have a BSP_B-L475E-IOT01 folder with the BSP for this target, and you can reconfig the accelerometer there (in firmware-st-b-l475e-iot01a/BSP_B-L475E-IOT01/Drivers/BSP/B-L475E-IOT01/stm32l475e_iot01_accelero.c).

ok, thanks for the fast help
i will try it :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t call it a full port, but I’ve got the keyword spotting demo to work in STM32CubeIDE. I put a couple of demos in this repo:

At the bottom of the README, I added some notes about what you need to do to get an Edge Impulse library to run in STM32CubeIDE.

Hope it helps!

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I tried to create Library to STM32CubeIDE but it fails for some reason. Should this work and if it should, how can I find the generate error report to see what is the problem.

Unfortunately there is a bug with some models and Cube.AI - you can use the C++ export with Build C++ Library with STM32CubeIDE

Is there any guidance how to include created C++ Library to STM32CubeIDE project?

@ArtoK, yes follow the steps in Build C++ Library with STM32CubeIDE