Firmware-silabs-xg24 cannot be successfully imported into simplicity studio 5

My environment windows 10
Simplicity studio 5
SDK: gecko_sdk_4.2.2
Toolchans: GNU ARM Toolchain (v10.3.2021.10) - 10.3.2021.10
(figure 1)

Refer to GitHub - edgeimpulse/firmware-silabs-xg24 this step,

Delete the ei-model link
(figure 2)

Click Force Regeneration
(figure 3)

build code gets the first error
(figure 4)

In C/C++ Build β†’ settings in properties, I added C:\Users\User\Downloads\firmware-silabs-xg24-main\ei-model to both GNU ARM C Compiler and GNU ARM C++ Compiler includes
(figure 5)
Currently fatal error: gatt_db.h: No such file or directory, how to deal with it?
(figure 6)

Please advise, thanks

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figure 2
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figure 3

figure 4

figure 5

figure 6


Do you have any idea?

@f81258 @louis
It is probably the incompatibility problem with the newest Simplicity Studio. The format of the SLCC component has changed, and we are in the progress of fixing that.



Which version do I need to change to be able to use it normally?

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I don’t know the exact version number, but probably the last release from 2022 should work. AFAIK Silabs introduced a new SLCC format in January 2023.

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Thanks for your reply.

  1. Do you have any relevant files or download points?
  2. When will it be updated to support the latest version?

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I can success run it.


Hello @f81258,

I am glad that you made it work, feel free to let me know if I can make some changes in the documentation to ease the process for other people.



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