Firmware-nordic-nrf52840dk-nrf5340dk build error: EI_SENSOR_AQ_STREAM

I’m building for the nrf52840dk and I’m getting the following error:
/Users/ivanherrera/projects/iosa/firmware-nordic-nrf52840dk-nrf5340dk/firmware-sdk/sensor_aq.h:36:2: error: #error "EI_SENSOR_AQ_STREAM not defined, and not on POSIX system. Please specify the EI_SENSOR_AQ_STREAM macro". I have not edited the code, just cloned the repo and tried to build using NCS 1.9.1.

This is my full build-log:

Any idea on where I’m going wrong?

I ran into the same issue when I was building on a Windows machine. You can get around it by changing line 32 of sensor_aq.h from

#if !defined(EI_SENSOR_AQ_STREAM) && (defined (__unix__) || (defined (__APPLE__) && defined (__MACH__)))


#if !defined(EI_SENSOR_AQ_STREAM)

I also deleted the #elif and #error lines 35 and 36, and then I was able to get it to compile.