Firewall problems with ngrok

good morning, i have problems with using ngrok for the custom block. in particular my browser doesn’t open ngrok page and it displays " FortiGuard Intrusion Prevention - Access Blocked
Web Page Blocked
You have tried to access a web page that is in violation of your Internet usage policy.

Category Proxy Avoidance
Group Name
To have the rating of this web page re-evaluated please click here."
As a consequence every week I have to ask for a re-evaluation of the site and wait for response.
could you please tell me a way to avoid this problem?
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Hello @giampy,

You can host your custom dsp block on any server online and also on our servers (enterprise offer only for now).
Ngrok is a nice solution to quickly evaluate your work but is not mandatory.
You can also ask your IT team or add a setting in your firewall to allow all subdomains from ***



Make up an excuse to work from home once in a while :slight_smile:


Also, when I teach in university, I often advise my students to use their phone as a hotspot, it avoids a lot of issues if the network as some custom security policies.



thank you so much!! I’ll follow your advice