Features raw eval - different results in node.js and live classification


Why my project returns different results when comparing the raw features eval in my pc (node.js) and the live classification option in the edge console?

Hello @jcanais,

It seems that your raw features are somehow different. How did you get your features.txt values?



Hello @louis,

The notepad is not in the top of the vertical scroll.
The features.txt is the raw features, copy/paste/save.

Include another example.

Best regards,
João Canais

Oh did not notice, thank for the clarification.

I’ll try to reproduce your issue today. I haven’t used the WebAssembly deployment much.
I come back to you when I have more info.



Indeed, I can reproduce your error.

@janjongboom, do you know if we need to apply a processing of some sort (resize?) on images for the WebAssembly inferencing?