Feature Suggestions

Hi, a few feature suggestions…

  1. Support upload of data from the browser including drag and drop into it.
  2. Support trimming of data in the browser to remove unwanted data capture at the beginning and end of a sample.
  3. Add validation checks to the uploader tool so that it does not upload incompatible recordings (e.g. incorrect bit rate).
  4. Support multiple selection of data rows so that they can be bulk deleted, moved, relabelled, etc.
  5. Allow data to be excluded from training by putting it into another list or flagging it.
  6. Add play and download features to the test data list as well.
  7. Add tooltips to see truncated filenames, also reveal original file name in some way.
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Hi @jasonbsteele, thanks a lot - some really good suggestions in here. We have had most of them in our feature tracker fortunately, but can’t give an exact timeline on when we will implement them.

We hope to get work done on 1&2 in over the summer (we have someone come in to help us on the frontend), and I’ve just pushed out a fix for 7 (will be rolled out in the release tomorrow).

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