Feature Request: Push accelerometer data from mobile phone like image and audio data


we would like to use the Edge Impulse mobile client in a classroom setting to introduce the students playfully to machine learning. To that end, we would like to use the “Fitness Classifier” Example project and have all the students gather data on their cellphones simultaneously (and also classify their moves later). I don’t think it is possible right now to initiate the sampling of accelerometer data from the mobile client website, is that correct, or am I missing something?

We would require a feature exactly like the “Collecting Images/Audio?” but for the Accelerometer. I have cloned the mobile-client repo and I am trying to make sense of it so see if I can simply copy-and-paste something together. However, this seems to be well over my head.

Can this be done and can someone point me in the right direction / help me implement this?

Thanks in advance

Hello @drbones,

You can do that already :wink:
Please see: https://docs.edgeimpulse.com/docs/using-your-mobile-phone
Let me know if you need more guidance.


Hi @louis,

thank you for your reply! I have read and re-read that page, but I cannot find a way for the smartphone to initiate the data transfer. I have to click the “Start Sampling” button in the Admin panel for each connected phone individually, which blocks further commands while it is sampling. This would limit the data ingestion process considerable (and make it less fun :)), since there will be about 10-20 girls in the class who would have to wait for their turn.

I think I have not explained my use case very clearly :). We would like all participants to gather data independently and simultaneously for a single Edge Impulse Project. For example, each participant has their smartphone connected and makes a different fitness exercise and pushes that data to a single “Fitness Classifier” project. This can be done with audio and image data (via the “Collecting images/audio” buttons) but for some reason not for motion data.

As it stands, we’re trying to use the audio data to have the girls train “the algorithm” with their own sounds to make a kind of sound recognition competition/game - pupils vs machine. However, having access to motion data would be highly useful since standing up and doing things is helpful in a didactic sense in our current environment of online/remote school where the kids sit in front of their computer all day!

Maybe I have misunderstood your comment, but I’d still be interested in a way to have many smartphones push data simultaneously and individually to one single EI project.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Hello Jonas,

My bad, I really thought it was available but it seems it only works for images and audio as you stated in your first message…
I also double checked with the open source mobile client too to make sure. I will create a feature request ticket but unfortunately I won’t be able to give an ETA.

The ideal workaround at the moment is indeed to use an audio project if you want to do this. Otherwise you could use a small device to send the data using the API but that’d require both a budget to buy the hardware and some time to do the integration and write the embedded code.

Sorry that I misguided you in the first time.



Hi Louis,

thanks again for your quick reply and no worries. Also thank you for the feature request ticket, I’ll keep an eye out for the functionality and meanwhile we use what is available, which is of course more than enough.

For our local projects we could (and do) use some microcontrollers and that would indeed be a good workaround, however with the remote classrooms (and this being a one off per group) we’d prefer the accessibility and ease of use of the smartphones. Plus every teenager already has one anyway :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hi @drbones we have a PR for this feature waiting to be pushed into production. I will update this post when it’s been pushed!

Thank you!

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This will be released as part of the next release tomorrow!


Thanks and sorry for my late reply. I read this post and tested the feature on the day of the release and it seems to work great.

Thank you for this extremely quick and helpful resolution, you folks are awesome! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This can be considered “closed” I guess. If this is something one can do on this forum. Should I put a “[Solved]” or somesuch in the title? I am new here :slight_smile:

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