Feature Request: Faster web method to set object detection bounding box

Feature Request: @jenny

When setting the object detection bounding boxes for 100’s of images it presently works great just could be better with two additions:

  1. A next button when setting the bounding boxes that saves and takes you to the next image in the list.

  2. Hot keys for any previously entered bounding box labels, suggest alt-1 for the first label, alt-2 for the next… which sets or changes the default label. Would allow setting many bounding boxes on one image fast and easy.


RE: Hotkeys
The bounding boxes will also need annotated “-1”, “-2”, etc.

In addition…
The following features are based around making the “Data Aquisition” feature faster and easier to use. Specifically navigating the sample image files, editing labels, and placing bounding boxes.

Feature Request: Bulk Bounding Box Editor

  1. Example Use Case #1: Remove 4th bounding box in all sample images selected.
  2. Example Use Case #2: Set all bounding box attributes to the same value, e.g., x=1.
  3. Allow one to upload just a "bounding.boxes.labels" file. As it is now I must Export the whole dataset, edit the bounding box file, then Upload the whole image dataset.

Feature Request: Place Bounding Box of Fixed Size Tool

  1. Configure tool:
    • Pre-set bounding box. Set {width,height}.
    • This enables this tool.
    • Tool is sticky, aka, enabled until turned off.
  2. Open image via "Edit Labels".
  3. Left-click on the image and the bounding box draws itself (right then down).

Feature Request: Auto-Close “Edit Labels” Window Tool

  1. Configure tool:
    • Set number of bounding boxes placed before Auto-Close executes.
    • Set period before Auto-Close executes.
  2. Select image.
  3. Select "Edit Labels".
  4. Draw a bounding box.
    • IF bounding box count equals preset count
    • THEN start Auto-Close timer.
    • IF time is expired
    • THEN close window by clicking the "Save Labels" button for user.
    • IF Auto-Cycle tool is enabled
    • THEN open next image.

Feature Request: Edit Labels

  1. Keyboard usage:
    • Allow one to use the keyboard to execute the "Save Labels" or the @Rocksetta "Next" button.
  2. Auto-Cycle usage:
    • Allow one to select the image(s) to label or re-label like the checkmark feature in data Filters.
    • Then when the user is done with one image and clicks the button "Save Labels",
      the next image appears for label editing.

Feature Request: Re-check the filter checkbox for the user
a. Set a Filter = Show Unlabeled Samples.
b. Select and delete a sample.
c. The sample gets deleted.
d. Feature Request →

  • The checkbox on the this particular filter gets unchecked.
  • Please re-check the box and re-populate the File List.

Feature Request: Allow multi-file renaming.

Feature Request: Intuitive Sample Navigation

  • Allow one to move from one sample to the next via the keyboard like most image viewers.
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