Feature Request: Delete button on feature explorer

No rush, but it would be nice if the “Feature Explorer” had a way to easily delete an outlier. I can click on “View Features” but that webpage does not have a delete button. The delete ability is on the “Data Acquisition” page but by then I don’t remember what the file was called.

Solution: above “View Features” is the file name, which I can copy, go to “Data Acquisition” and filter the data for that file name, so I guess deleting outliers is possible. A delete ability would be nice if several outliers needed to be deleted.


P.S. A really great use of https://plotly.com/javascript/ for the “Feature Explorer”.


Great suggestion. Will add to the backlog.

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So we’re not adding a delete button here, because the data you see here is the output of the DSP process, and you’ll thus need to re-run the feature generation to get rid of the sample. But I’ve added a link to jump to the item in Data Acquisition from the feature explorer. Should make it much easier to find and delete the sample. Should be live later today!

Wow, I wish I was that fast at getting to my backlog. Nicely done. I will put the testing of it on my backlog. :slight_smile:

Nicely done.

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