Feature Request: Be able to upload a TensorflowJS model


I really like the new model upload feature, can we please allow the ability to upload a tensorflowJS model? I would be willing to help with the code needed to convert a tensoflowJS model to tensorflowLite.

It does bring up the question of if EdgeImpulse should support the Javascript Machine Learning Community? My biased opinion is that Javascript Machine learning can increase the number of EdgeImpulse Enterprise customers without massively increasing the number of non-paying customers, for the simple fact that: Javascript can do most of the basics of what the EdgeImpulse client can do. See my demo below.

I did have a chance to briefly chat with @Alessandro at the ICTP workshop in Italy on Widening Access to TinyML Network by Establishing Best Practices in Education | (smr 3851) where I am presenting a method to simplify the making of CSV files for microcontroller sensor data using webSerial on a single web page. My main live webpage demo is here webpage index here, github here the demo uses the Arduino Nano33BleSense (Rev1, code avalable for Rev2). My video tutorial about it is tinyMLjs-intro - YouTube



My TFConverter command line method of converting TensorflowJS models to Arduino is as follows at this repository here:

Convert TensorflowJS to Keras

tensorflowjs_converter --input_format=tfjs_layers_model --output_format=keras_saved_model ./model.json ./

Convert Keras to TensorflowLite

tflite_convert --keras_model_file ./ --output_file ./model.tflite

Convert TensorflowLite to C-header file

xxd -i model.tflite model.h

The problem with the above code that EdgeImpulse could massively help with, is that many Javascript users are not comfortable with loading a docker to work with the command line or installing Python to do the conversion. Why Google has not made a pure Javascript model converter is beyond me.

Thank you for reading this feature request.


P.S. I have an old feature request to allow the export of TensorflowJS models from EdgeImpulse here Feature Request: export TensorflowJS


Hello Jeremy,

I’m creating a feature request, our product and engineering team will review it later.
We will let you know here if it’s been accepted.



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"Thanks, @Louis! The small TensorFlow.js models are a much closer match to the microcontrollers we use with EdgeImpulse than the enormous models designed for desktop GPUs.

By the way, the TinyML4D conference in Trieste, Italy, was fantastic. @Alessandro’s presentation was very good. I had a lot of fun with Eric Pan, the CEO and founder of Seeedstudio, and David Cuartielles, one of the founders of Arduino."