Feature Request: Allow connected devices PortentaH7 with MKRIMU to run acceleration data collection

Feature Request: Allow the connected device PortentaH7 with MKRIMU to run acceleration data collection.

From a coding point of view everything should be the exact same as the Nano33BleSense motion models except using the MKRIMU.h library instead of the Arduino_LSM9DS1.h library.

//#include <Arduino_LSM9DS1.h>
#include <MKRIMU.h>

You can see from the following image that a PortentaH7 connected with the MKRIMU does not show the option to collect motion data.


Note: Even if the Vision Shield is not connected it still gives the microphone or Camera options, not sure if there is a way to test if the vision or MKRIMU shields are connected, but would probably be good from a coding point of view. A pop-up suggesting to connect the required shield, would be a good idea.

Hi @Rocksetta,

I will submit this feature request to our engineering team. Thanks!

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