Feature Request: 2 Impulse Design Suggestions

I just spent last week teaching 80 High School students about using Edge Impulse to train a Machine Learning Model.

Koodos to the Edge Impulse team for making things so easy.

Before I make a video, I often just try things out and see how the students do. A few students never need any help and some students need help with every step, but I am always interested in the issues that come up for the average student.

These two spots confused more than a few kids:

  1. Impulse Design --> Image. No obvious button to press or thing to do on the Parameters page. To click the “Generate Features” tab before clicking the Generate Features button was not intuitive. Perhaps a “Generate Features” button could be on the “Parameters” tab.

  1. This one seems picky, but it is never a good idea to overly confuse first time users. On the Impulse Design --> Transfer Learning page, the “Build” button is on the second page. Unseen when a student views the page on full screen. A few students froze and had no idea what to do. Here is what they saw on our school computers on full screen.

I thought I would pass along these minor issues. It was an amazing week to teach Edge Impulse to that many students. The Confusion Matrix and Feature Explorer are the best feedback I am able to give them. A few of my students had Feature Explorer graphs that were much better than anything I have ever made.

I also have my students put their Impulses on a Github web page (Gitpage), but Zack S. convinced me to make a blog out of that, so hopefully that will be coming out soon.

Hi @Rocksetta, awesome feedback as always. It’s easy to design for the super large monitors that we all have on our desks, so will keep an eye out on improving this flow on smaller monitors too. On the first screen there’s a Save parameters button that leads you to Generate features, but indeed not visible maybe…