Feature Generation OOM


I am getting a very strange OOM error at the feature generation step of a wake word detection model. The reason why it is so strange is because there is less training/testing data than another wake word detection model I have created which has the same number of data labels, and the other wake word detection model was not having this bug and I was able to get through each stage without any issues.

These are the project IDs:
The one with the OOM error: Login - Edge Impulse
The one without the OOM error: Login - Edge Impulse

Help would be much appreciated.

For reference: by exporting all the data and importing it to a new project, the issue was resolved

Great that you solved it,

I’ll try to have a look at what could have happened later.



I had a quick look and I don’t see any obvious reason why you’re getting an OOM error…
I have also increased your DSP jobs RAM performances for your project but I am still getting the error.

I’ll report it to our Core Engineering team.